Care Tips

Care Instructions

Each item is meticulously made with love and care so it's important to follow this following care instructions:

- With wrinkled fringe, I would suggest ironing the fringe on low heat with a piece of soft cotton cloth on top of it. For fraying, just trim with a pair of scissor.

- I use nickel and lead-free hardware. Please know that these items will tarnish over time so keep it clean and away from water, lotions, and soaps. To make your brass pieces shiny again, I recommend using Brasso.

- Brass studs have recently been updated. Since they are made with silver, they will be soft and flexible. This should not be a problem with wear, but it differs from the typical hard posts I use.

- For items made with clay, be sure to wipe off with a soft cloth to keep dust off of them.

- I use surgical steel hardware, which is a fantastic alternative for those who have sensitive ears and need hypoallergenic earrings. For long-lasting durability and to prevent irritation, I would recommend applying clear nail polish on the earring post to protect your ears.

- All jump rings are gold plated and nickel-free for those with sensitive ears. 

- For acrylic laser cut pieces, I recommend using a soft cloth to clean off dust or lint. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL! This can cause the acrylic to crack.